MeAccs®- A Start-Up Ecosystem

Premium Membership Benefits

MeAccs provide Premium Membership which is the primary membership and is offered to the maximum numbers of founders.

MeAccs provide Premium Membership which is the primary membership and is offered to the maximum numbers of founders. Taking Premium Membership has many benefits like business growth, lead generation, fundraising, global connect and others for entrepreneurs. You can join MeAccs Start-up Premium membership and can avail of all the benefits.

MeAccs Start-up Premium Membership Benefits are:

Business Growth:

For a start-up to ensure business growth, customers have to be the company’s main priority. They have to have their needs met on time, and they have to be thrilled with the experience of how those needs are met. They expect quality and they don’t want excuses, that’s why MeAccs ensure that you stay near to your customers through business networking.

MeAccs facilitates meetups of the members so that they get business growth. Our businesses produce less number of products/services in comparison to the entire ecosystem, that’s why we are bigger consumers and smaller sellers. We consume a lot of stuff individually and our business consumes too. Therefore, each member is a buyer.

We provide you the platform to meet people regularly and get more visibility. Your visibility leads to credibility when you meet them regularly. This credibility leads to sales. Nobody wishes to get his/her demand fulfilled by unknown sellers. MeAccs is a structured and well-managed system that ensures the organic business networking of members.

Founders need to learn, innovate, collaborate and experiment for the growth of their business, and MeAccs facilitates that as a core offering to its gold members.


Learning how to run a business and learning to be an entrepreneur has taught several business owners valuable lessons. Such is the journey of an entrepreneur’s life.

MeAccs provides a platform for knowledge exchange sessions to enhance the knowledge of each member. For instance, you may be good at digital marketing, so you may share your knowledge with others, similarly, someone who is good in legal compliance will share knowledge, everybody benefits in this system.

We provide constant training sessions which ensure that each member keeps on learning new skills. We have our training sessions on growth hacking, marketing, basic technology like website development and advanced topics like AI, deep learning, IoT, etc. These regular training sessions keep the entrepreneurs updated with the latest trends in the industry.

Innovation & Invention:

An invention is something new, never seen by the world And Innovation is the process of turning ideas into manufacture-able and marketable form.


Entrepreneurs are self-driven, there is generally nobody to motivate or report to. But to support in hard times, MeAccs & its community helps to do the same.

Lead Generation:

Each member will be working as your sales agent and you will work as the sales agent of everybody, wherever there is a suitable opportunity for any member in the community, a lead will be generated and shall be forwarded to the respective member. This lead will be a quality lead as it is coming through a credible reference and without any cold calling or outreach.

Problem Solution:

As they say, Entrepreneurs are not those who sale, they are Problem Solvers.

Day to day business problems can be complex and may need attention. Each member will be able to identify the individual business problems in a scientific manner and will put forward in front of the group for structured solutions.


As an entrepreneur, it’s exciting to go it alone and create something on your own. However, the reality is that, while you have a great idea, you may not know exactly what you should be doing with your business at which time to develop it into a sustainable business. Mentors provide the necessary information and knowledge that you need for your start-up. We will partner with industry leaders to mentor our community members. It is difficult for individuals to find the appropriate mentors, however, the community can do it easily.

Corporate Connect:

Start-up founders need to connect with large companies for getting business and funding, our community communicates with the top-level executives of big companies constantly.

We will connect each member as per their requirements and preferences. It’s a win-win proposition for both Entrepreneurs and Corporate Executives as large companies also need to learn, collaborate with start-ups for innovation and new product development/testing. All the members will get the opportunity to connect with the industry leaders through our platform.


The explosion of APIs, SaaS applications, and mobile devices has created a massive integration wave. The resulting shift in the way we connect is forcing an IT mega change, unlike anything we’ve seen before. As the development model moves from writing lots of code to composing APIs together, a new generation of middle-tier application architecture is being born. Start-ups need to integrate their products/services with others to rapidly distribute their offerings and grow their revenues. Our community provides various opportunities for integration.

Legal Advisory:

Many business owners get so excited about launching their own business; they forget to consider legal aspects. It is of utmost importance for every business to implement legal practices for the healthy growth of your business. Protecting your team, Intellectual property brand name, etc., are imperative.

CA Consulting

Technology Support:

It is evident that the impact of technology on our day to day lives has grown exponentially over the past decade. Whether it be laptops or cell phones, technology helps us connected with the world around us and acts as a portal to vasts amounts of knowledge that can be accessed with ease. However, many new entrepreneurs do not utilize technology to its full extent to propel themselves to new heights. Now you don’t have to worry as our network is going to help you in understanding and implementing technology in an efficient and effective way.

Marketing Support:

Marketing is like the heart of your business. For your business to survive, it needs marketing, and the stronger it is the healthier your business will be. The success and failure of a start-up largely depend upon the effective marketing of the products/services.

Most of the founders are not good at marketing and hence they face difficulties in selling. Also, most of them don’t have the budget to outsource marketing. Our community provides complete marketing support, we are supported by the partner company – to market the products of our members. We will take up the marketing so that you can focus on your core competency.

Global Family:

Each member of MeAccs will be part of the MeAccs global family. Every member will be able to network, associate and take support from the members all across the world. Being a part of one family, each member will be keen to support others.

Our network is growing at a rapid pace, that ensures different kind of entrepreneurs, CxOs, mentors, ecosystem enablers, professionals, investors, and innovators will be available to network with each other and work towards helping each other reach their business goals.

Discounts and Offers:

Various offers and discounts are available on a regular basis for our members. These are offered by our event & meetup sponsors to help the entrepreneurs save money, reach their goals and enjoy a better quality of life.

These offers can be free hosting credits, free coupons, corporate suits, accounting software, CRM, digital marketing credits, movie tickets, shopping credits and much more. All the members of MeAccs Start-up Premium Club will get discounts or special benefits from the group companies of MeAccs and associated partners of start-ups.

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